Sunday, November 10, 2013

Teenager Posts -- Just for fun!

Alright guys, Sometimes I think I post way too much about fandoms. DON'T WORRY! I'm not ever gonna stop, after all, you guys are the only reason I do what I do, but still -- These are some of my favorite teenager posts for you:

 Yes, I know. This is fandom RELATED. But I'm trying to be normal for a change.

Well, This usually turns out like a really awkward scowl on my part, but I tried, OK?

I have a real problem with laughing...all the the wrong moments. 

 Story of my life. Seriously.

 Ditto...Although, I usually sit under my covers with a flashlight reading. Heheheheh...

 I disrupt class scribbling sometimes. Then the teacher looks at me...and I'm just like..."Sup?"

Admit it. We ALL have that one crush that we can't stop thinking about. Ever.

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